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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  December 14, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a little before 5:00 this morning. they fan not just one of the homes in fire but there were four others side by side. they're all burning, wind gusts of up to 40 miles per hour made things really tough. once they finally got inside they found all six family members dead on the first floor. there's still no word on what caused this fire. >> whether the ending after three people managed to escape a fire in an apartment home last night.
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a volunteer firefighter was eating dinner when someone that a historic was on fire. he ran to the scene and found two people standing there. injuries were reported. tonight the red cross is helping victims of the deadly fire in west baltimore but hoping to help you as well. >> if those two fires don't get us moving to make sure our familys are safe tonight maybe this story will. cheryl conner with simple tips to do right now. >> reporter: that's right. the red cross says most fires can be avoided. you have probably heard this a bunch before. but it is worth repeating. it is a family is going through unspeakable pain after losing six loved ones. it is tough to put the right words to this video. imagine learning six people you love are suddenly gone. fire swept through this east baltimore home just before 5:00 tuesday morning, killing
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everyone inside, three adults and three children. >> this is coming from my family. so i first say i went into my basement and we were in the smoke through my pipes. >> when crews were able to get inside they found all six members of the family dead on the first floor. investigators have not determined if the family woke up to the ear piercing sound of the smoke alarm. but the american red cross is using this tragedy as a reminder that smoke detectors increase your chance of escape. >> a lot of these fires happen when somebody is asleep. so you hear the smoke detector go off and if you have practice it becomes second nature you head for the window or extra door and you know exactly where to go and what to do and how to get out. report having a working smoke alarm reduces the chance of dying in a fire by half and only 26% of families have developed and practiced the plan to escape the house fire.
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christmas decorations are often a hazard as well, suggest you place them at least three feet away from any heat source and check your lights to make sure there are no frayed wires. as we wait to learn the cause of one of the deadliest fires in baltimore in recent years, the red cross wants to make sure that another fire doesn't claim lives when all so arch trank di can be avoided. >> i think a lot of people think this isn't going to happen to me. >> it is a tragedy like around christmas time. i grew up with her. i have known them for all of my life. it is just crazy. >> and here are a few more tips. the american recross says you should teach everyone in your family even with youngest members how to dial 911. test your smoke alarm batteries once every month and know at least two ways to escape from every room of your home. cheryl conner, abc 2 news.
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those aren't the only tips the red cross wants you to know to help keep your family safe. to head to our web site, abc 2 we are also listing more ways to keep your home and family safe especially during the winter months. if you haven't been outside in a few days you are luck city because it is cold. really cold. but that hasn't but a damper on the holiday cheer. we found a group of hearty christmas carolers. if you are thinking about caroling your neighborhood this week. you had better bundle up. we now have a look at the first forecast. well, it looks like the most frigid conditions we will see come tonight into early tomorrow morning. wind is up a little bit but man they were gusty out there today. extremely bluesly and unseasonally kolby a long shot for early december which is
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technically still the fall season. 34 is the peak wind gusts. some winds in some spots up to 40. these are the current temperatures, 16 in brookville, 17 laural, 19 in edgewater, that's just bone chilling, wind chills in the single digits. skies clear above. no snow in the picture. that's good but we stay below freezing all day long tomorrow if not all day. i think it will eventually get to 30 late in the afternoon. it could be another breezy day but not power house we have to suffer through. so a little less windy but still blisterly and the come air looks like it will hang on solidly here the next several days. we will talk about that and get into the weekend, some changes there coming up. all right. i want to send you back to september 2009. that was the first time we told you about christopher jones being beaten to death while riding his bike to his mom's
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house. one of those teens involved in his death wanted out of a juvenile facility in michigan. after serving 15 months of a six year sentence, the judge said that the teen was making progress but didn't think he was ready to return home just yet. his parents support, and they is sued the two teens involved and the school system because they feel their son was bullied. the parents are well aware of the law that when both teens reach 21 they have to be released but they know a judge can let them out sooner and that they don't want to say. the owner of wiki leaks -- on sex crimes. he was toll first he would be released from a british prison, but a judge toll him he would have to wait at least another two days. that's because sweden is appealing the bail decision working to get him extradite for questioning. lawyers say the british case isn't to punish him for the
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u.s. diplomatic last month a claim swedish prosecutors continue to deny. >> we are 17 days away from our taxes going up, but the bush tax cuts tomorrow morning which would give us -- what that means is the tax bill is going to the house where the democrats want to tinker but republicans are not going to budge. here we go tonight in dc. >> lost over senator after senator of the tax cut compromise. >> i am opposed to those provisions that give, i think overly generous tax reductions to the wealthiest among us. >> to the people who earn over $1 million don't need a tax cut, you bet i did. >> of unemployment benefit. >> this is ridiculous. this is ridiculous. >> those are the bills supporters hours earlier had a test vote they let it move forward by an overwhelming
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majority, 83-15. they're expected to pass it in the next 24 hours. >> the time has come that we have to start voting and doing important things for the that are so important. >> the bill supporters agreed on two things. >> no one thinks this is a perfect bill. >> that and that it is worth passing anyway. >> the bottom line is this senate will overwhelmingly pass this package. >> the real test will be in the house, where few democrats support the plan, but the white house expects enough conservative democrats to join republicans and push it through. >> we have had conversations and it would i believe paths are getting disagreement through the house and through the president's desk. >> the signature he hopes to give by the end of the week, christmas present worth $858 billion. the white house will likely put off the beginningover his christmas vacation in hawaii to push key bills through congress. if it hasn't passed by then it
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will include the tax bill. abc news washington. looks like we can lemons or cherries by the end of next year, developer david told us plans at the temporary casino going up will be 2,000 slots a limited venue bar at the parking garage next o the mall. they hope to start work on the parking garage next year. the actual -- is expected to open late in 2012. a license to operate a site west of maryland still hasn't been handed out yet and in february we will fine out who is the builder of slots in baltimore city. as you can recall the slots for nearly a decade before the first levers were pulled. plenty of other states legalized casino -- so he wondered how those have work out for them. well in south dakota casino bill dropped the revenue thanks mostly to the down economy. but early winter storms have kept gamblers home and many believe a new state-wide
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smoking ban, that's a part. we have only had three weeks in november and a few weeks in december and we are getting worse numbers than we had a couple of weeks ago. at the end of november we were looking at 15 to 20%. but properties now are reporting it could be 30 to 40%. >> now, while south dakota struggles the keystone state continues to fly, pennsylvania casinos have collected nearly a billion dollars of revenue and that's not counting state taxes. a large percentage of revenues go to help relieve property tax for pennsylvania residence, each homeowner gets about $200 back per year. well, the spirit of christmas alive at the baltimore science city in a way. for these kids, the homeless for the holiday. we will explain in a very special celebration. plus we all have the sounds but at what costs. i know everybody who walks down
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34th street goes i wonder how much. tonight we will find out. [ female announcer ] safeway talks gift ideas.
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this holiday season it is easy to get lost in the lights and sounds and parties and presents. it is also easy to forget that billions of people wake up each and everyday hoping to survive the night. >> that's right, abc news is going to take a closer look at the global health crisis and how might those who are working to make a difference, including a group who is right here in baltimore. the first installment will focus on women's health, a group of american students turn their professional group with a
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movement that's making a real impact. >> it is worth $0.50 a day. >> we give energy to work on -- was really frustration and anger and having a friend die without having access to treatment. but today we have spent time with some of the patients who are thriving because of efforts of young americans. >> and you can hear more about the face aids organization and all of their work, to battle the aids epidemic this friday at 5:00 on save a life. it is sponsored in part by the bill and melinda gates, then at 11:00, a local organization. so don't miss a story of how folks right here in our own backyard are coming up. tonight children from local shelters got a party. the annual holiday party of maryland fight center helps more than 130 local kids and it
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is sponsored by the multicenter bar association. they checked out and took pictures with santa claus. even the bird made an appearance along with the baltimore mayor. we live in tran l and we are doing a lot better than we did last year. it has been hard and everybody has been trying to make itment we all stick together and we are all a family. >> this has been a treat not only for the family and the parents who come with their children but also the volunteers because it is a chance to really interact with each other and have a lot of fun. >> each child walks away with a small -- >> i didn't know. did you? >> it is 50 minutes away from here, right off of 40. the people who own this home spent $82,000 a month on their electric bill. >> wow. >> so that had it thinking
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about 34th street. this has been a holiday tradition to go down this block. so night we talked to homeowner and decorator who has lived here for 37 years. and she says without budget billing with bg&e she couldn't aforto light up the night. >> i without budget billing christmas would be in trouble. her budget bill is 55 has a month still doesn't compare with that fair $82,000. that's $686 an hour, that must be spinning faster man a tilt awhirl. >> it is come cold outside. but we are not the only ones dealer, as far south as florida, where citrus growers are scrambling to savage crops. what does it mean to you? you will spend a little more for your future juice. orange juice is the highest
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price at more than three years. >> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> it is not -- >> no, florida has had it rough, but it is hard to feel bad for them because we've had it so rough up here too. >> if anything, yeah, i mean they get a brief stretch of this water in florida for the citrus crop but they will be so back to 70 we will not be here. >> all right. all right. >> we will be happy just to get rid of these wins. >> that's true. >> it was so windy. i thought the house was going to blow down. >> that's for sure, remember. >> yes. >> to the the house down. >> didn't have any kids. >> windy. >> it was windy today. you are right. i mean huff and puff. i remember, don't look at me like i don't know any childhood tales. i remember those days.
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national map, we don't show these often but this arctic blast i had to show it. miami they're having a tough 45. we are 21. atlanta is in the 20s. there's the lower 48. i think we will see some of this make it way into the coastal southeast. i don't really expect this to mix in in maryland. take a look right now we have a frigid night in progress. 21 out at dwi. winds west at 15. gusting higher than that. it is still a very come night though not quite the power house winds of earlier today. if you look closely here, the high definition hd cam is capturing the trees @zinclude/shaik shaking in the win. i don't think the wolf was out there but something was making those trees move, and through the day of mount erie a wintery looking sky there, and boy it was just windy outside. look at the wind gusts. if you were watching earlier i
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forgot to click maximum gusts across maryland and central maryland where most windy. at rock hall 37 but look around baltimore. gusting to 48, almost 50 miles per hour winds there. hanover 46 and upper we have a gust of 51 there earlier today. harsh weather. winds still up tonight 15 to 20 and the win chill factor feels like 2 below right now, howard county. it feels like 7 above in owens mills and maybe 8 above in arnold. it is cold, cold out there. probably the comest night in terms of wind chill we've had in all of 2010 going back to even the latter part of last winter. so clear radar at least, no snow, still gusty, and these wind chills nasty across the state. we go further west, wouldn't you like to be vacating right now out at big creek lake. wind chill 10 below 0. you will feel that. it is definitely takes to that one. high temperatures today struggling to get out of the
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freezing range, we never made it out of the upper 20s. tomorrow i don't think we get there either. at best low 30s, right along the bay it will be a bay influence. so maybe 32, but we will end up having about 48 to 72 hours of below freezing weather consecutively. so that's really bad for the freezing and some other things, we will have to watch overnight. we hope to get the water main breaks but it can happen tonight. 28 in nelson, 29 deposit a frequent gid day again across the state, and it will still be windy. we still have a steep pressure gradient between an hour of low pressure offshore and this giant arctic high that's settling out the way. it is another come day for a blast that keeps coming in. it will begin to let up some. i don't i this we will see 50 miles per hour winds tomorrow, but we will see 25 to 30 miles per hour wins, that's going to be blistering and you won't feel that. going far in time, sunny
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tomorrow but cold and still very breezy, tomorrow night still wind di and then we watch this next storm approach. this is midday on thursday. right now projected to track just south of the baltimore area. but we still think thursday afternoon, thursday night, the chance for at least some brief wintery weather in here with this passing storm system. it doesn't look like a power house storm but it can get a little wintery late thursday and even into early friday. 17 tonight clearing skies, come, tomorrow 31. that's it. still below freezing, tomorrow night frigid again, 19. and still breezy, and finally as we look at the seven day, the chance for snow showers coming in thursday afternoon and then at best we might get to 40 on saturday. that's about the best i have got for you. we may see a winter mix for the ravens game on sunday. we will keep you posted. >> all right. thanks a lot. it is getting to be that time, and season right around the corner and it started with early this morning with the golden globe nomination.
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who is up for the globes. and matthew went over to park school and on the movie side we have the movie the history of facebook, the social network is sixth. best drama, best director, screen play, and all sixed nods, the fighter were both nominate for their rolls. >> back to the tv. abc modern family will try to follow up with the golden globe in the same category. eric and sophia for supporting acting, breaking back and the good life among others who also got multiple nominations and you don't know jack also up for two golden globes. so what do you think? did your favorite show get it? are you among the millions that think justin timberlake got the -- head over to our facebook page and share your thoughts.
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we may -- they better have a lifetime achievement award for leslie kneelson. we have shown you how people deck the halls for holiday season. >> but this is the christmas spirit to a whole new level. a mans work space becomes like santa's workshop. we will check it out coming up. storm gear and consideration considered by ll bean. ♪ i'm gonna get it, i know i'm gonna get it. ♪
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touchdown baltimore. with the press box sports report. the ravens were able to run the record on this pick six by josh wilson in overtime giving the ravens 34-28. ravens had a 28-7 lead in this
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one, they brought back valley and capped off the second 90- yard plus drive with this pass, from shaw to andre johnson, and then the 2 point conversion to jacobe jones and cliff lee to the yankees and rangers and decided to return back to the philadelphia phillies and we have the $100 million contract with an option for six season. >> holiday shopping for sports fans begins and ends at press box the store. >> new a new law that will
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allow you to check guns and ammo next time you travel on board and the guidelines. weather traffic and more tomorrow on good morning maryland. we will see you starting at 5:00. [ female announcer ] safeway talks hostess gifts. you know what i want for the holidays? do tell. true love. true love is a myth. [ gasps ] you're a myth! excuse me? [ female announcer ] it's the thought that counts. and the gift. safeway. ingredients for life.
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when you don't have to cook, [ female announcer ] safeway talks made-for-you meals. you have time for other things. yeah, like what? i don't know. fishing. fishing?! i, uh, i said wishing. [ female announcer ] when we do the cooking, you do the enjoying. safeway. ingredients for life. this used to be a cubicle but the christmas decorations have a whole new level here. it is a christmas share with all of the the trimming, the tree, the lights and even st. nick on the side. a canadian business held a desk decorating contest to get people in the spirit and the
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winner went down, it looks like you put days into this. he says he created this in a matter of hours. >> wow. >> spare time to work on that. >> i guess. >> on the company. >> on the company. >> i am sure. >> i am working here,. >> all right. come tomorrow, guys it will be in the 20s and look at that. chilly not above freezing and toward the week en, a little milder. but thursday night could be a -- >> that's it for us. >> have a great rest of your night. we will see you tomorrow. check out you. one rior operations due to
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